TCI Regional Policy Design Stakeholder Submissions

Material submitted through the TCI Public Input form from April 2019-February 2021 is viewable here. View input submitted from March 1, 2021 forward here. All material submitted on this page informed the participating jurisdictions in the 2019-2020 TCI regional policy design process. Click on the column headings to sort the submissions. 
First Last Affiliation City Statesort ascending Input File
Bruce Marsh DHL Washington District of Columbia
please see attached comments
DHL Comments to TCI.pdf
David Addington National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Washington District of Columbia
Please see attached NFIB comment letter dated January 9, 2020, on Transportation & Climate Initiative.
Howard White none Washington District of Columbia
Anything we can do to reduce carbon in the atmosphere is good.
Ray Nuesch Csaey Trees WASHINGTON District of Columbia
Evelyn Fraser Parent Washington District of Columbia
Pollution from transportation is our largest source of global warming emissions (regionally and nationally).

I want Washington DC to formally join the plan to reduce emissions....
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G. G. Johnson Concerned citizen Washington District of Columbia
it is most important to reduce pollution from transportation. it is the primary source of pollution causing numerous health problems as well as deaths. We need the District of Columbia to formally...
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Matt Lincoln DC resident Washington District of Columbia
We need a plan that holds large transportation polluters accountable for the pollution they create and invests in clean transportation solutions!
Harry Anastopulos Native Marylander Washington District of Columbia
Seriously this is long overdue! Why hasn’t this happened yet?
Richard Kite None Washington District of Columbia
“…design a regional low-carbon transportation policy proposal that would cap and reduce carbon emissions from the combustion of transportation fuels through a cap-and-invest program or other...
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Sarah Fichter DC resident Washington District of Columbia
I am strongly in favor of transportation ideas that will help reduce carbon emissions and offer all of us better options. We need more public transit and electric vehicle infrastructure in rural...
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Kathleen Robertson N/a Washington District of Columbia
I support DC joining TCI as a part of our decarbonization strategy. The regional aspect is important particularly in the DMV and it will raise important funding for our transportation needs.
Jessica Hartl Ms. WASHINGTON District of Columbia
I strongly support having a green economy and the Transportation and Climate initiative. I actually do not own a car myself for environmental reasons, and rely on public transport and car sharing...
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Kevin OHalloran Georgetown University Washington District of Columbia
The TCI program is exactly what the NE region needs in order to meet climate goals and reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector, the largest sector for emissions in the US. I fully support...
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Sherrie Merrow NGVAmerica Washington District of Columbia
Please see uploaded NGVAmerica comment letter.

Thank you,

Sherrie Merrow

Director, NGVAmerica State Affairs
NGVA Comments on TCI MOU - Feb 24 2020.pdf
Zohal Khan DC Washington District of Columbia
Climate change is the biggest issue of our time. Our current public transportation infrastructure in the US is quite lacking. We must build extensive public transportation networks and upgrade...
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Jordan McGillis Institute for Energy Research Washington District of Columbia
The Institute for Energy Research opposes the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI).

The justification offered for TCI is that greenhouse gas emissions constitute a threat to...
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TCI Regional Policy Design Stakeholder Input.pdf
Connor Dolan Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association Washington District of Columbia
Please see the attached document.
TCI MOU Response FCHEA 2020-2-28.pdf
Mark Kresowik Sierra Club Washington District of Columbia
The Sierra Club is sharing the attached 38 comments from our members and supporters in the District of Columbia supporting finalizing the Draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) of the...
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DC TCI 38 signers 27 Feb 2020.pdf
Mark Borowski BP America Washington District of Columbia
BP America is happy to provide the attached letter as our input to the TCI draft memorandum of understanding.
BP Letter on TCI Draft MOU.pdf
Paul Allen M.J. Bradley & Associates Washington District of Columbia
Please see the attached comments from Exelon Corporation and Public Service Enterprise Group.
Utility Comment Letter on TCI MOU FINAL.pdf