TCI Workplan 2010

Agency heads from the 12 jurisdictions that make up the Transportation and Climate Initiative approved the group’s first work plan in October.

The plan focuses on four key areas: 1) the development of clean vehicles and fuels, including the creation of a regional electric vehicle network, 2) promoting the development of sustainable communities, 3) implementing communication and information technology throughout the region and 4) improving the efficiency of freight transportation.

TCI Sustainable Communities Principles

Transportation, environment, and energy agency heads from 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic jurisdictions released an Agreement to Support Sustainable Communities in June 2011.

The states agreed to work together to promote sustainable communities that:

Northeast Electric Vehicle Network Agreement

Ten northeast states and the District of Columbia announced the formation of the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network on October 19, 2011, to expedite the deployment of electric vehicles in the region and promote the use of alternative fuels. The Network seeks to bolster economic growth, maintain the region’s leadership in the clean energy economy, and reduce the area’s dependence on oil and its emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

To learn more about the network, click here.

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