TCI Releases Report on the Status of Electric Vehicles in the Northeast

The Transportation and Climate Initiative released a market overview and literature review today that provides an overview of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) deployment in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. 

TCI Brochure

Brochure about the TCI and each of its key work areas.

Private-Sector Companies Pledge Support for the Deployment of Electric Vehicles in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States

The Transportation and Climate Initiative announced this week that seventy organizations have pledged to help facilitate the deployment of electric vehicles in the northeastern United States - in large part due to work being done by states to develop the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network.

About the Initiative

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a regional collaboration that seeks to develop the clean energy economy and reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. 

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TCI 2012 Summit - Briefing Book

The below file is the complete briefing book provided to Agency Heads for the 2012 TCI Summit that was held in Baltimore, Maryland.

TCI Electric Vehicle Pledge

Private and public organizations are helping the Transportation and Climate Initiative build momentum for clean energy vehicles, voicing their support for the deployment of plug-in cars and trucks in the northeastern United States.


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