Northeast Electric Vehicle Network Partner Pledge


Support for electric vehicles in the northeast continues to grow, and states participating in the Northeast Electric Vehicle Network are forging ahead with preparations for the mass market arrival of plug-in cars and trucks and the economic and environmental benefits that these vehicles can deliver.

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Northeast Electric Vehicle Network Supporters: Survey

The Transportation and Climate Initiative is conducting a survey to understand what actions Northeast Electric Vehicle Network supporters have taken to support EVs in the Northeast. We invite you to complete the following survey to tell us how your organization is - or is planning to - support EV deployment in the region, and to learn about how you can help raise awareness of the Network.

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Lessons from Early Deployments of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


The goals of this study are to document real cases of electric vehicle charging infrastructure installations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and uncover some of the related challenges and opportunities.  Unlike earlier electric vehicle documents produced by the Transportation and Climate Initiative, the focus of this study is not on how installations should be done but rather on how they have been done.

Menu of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Incentives

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) has compiled this menu of incentives for states to use as a tool when researching ways to reduce barriers and promote electric vehicle use. Most states offer one or more incentives for consumers, businesses, or government entities to purchase and use plug‐in electric vehicles (PEV) or electric vehicle charging stations (also known as electric vehicle supply equipment, or EVSE).

Assessment of Current EVSE and EV Deployment

The deployment assessment provides a region-wide look at EV and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) deployment in the Northeast. The report highlights trends in EV ownership and EVSE locations, offers recommendations to maximize the impact of EVSE installations, and offers recommendations for further areas of study.


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