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This page shows public input on the TCI-P development and implementation process received through the online TCI-P Public Input Portal. You can submit your input here.
For more information on how to reach out to your jurisdiction directly, see the TCI Jurisdiction Points of Contact page.
All public input on the TCI-P development and implementation process received through the online TCI-P Public Input Portal since March 1, 2021 appears on this page. You can view public input from the 2019-2020 policy development process here.
First Last Affiliation City Statesort descending Input File
David Stevenson Caesar Rodney Institute Lewes Delaware
Please see attached file
Comments on TCI Model Rule April 2021.pdf
Philip Hosken Bio Engine Technology Ltd Redruth Iowa
I'm not in Iowa but in the UK. Your form does not welcome overseas contributuions!

In the face of all the development of electric and hydrogen technology, here in the UK, we...
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Russell Donnelly JCAN FRAMINGHAM Massachusetts
I find the proposed structure of this proposal dubious and annoying.It seems to posit that through a complicated structure that pressures the sources of transportation carbon emission we will...
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Jordan Stutt Acadia Center Boston, MA Massachusetts
Please find the attached comments on the TCI-P Draft Model Rule and plan for public engagement, submitted on behalf of 84 transportation, health, environmental, business, and community...
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Joint Comments_TCI-P Model Rule and Public Engagement_4_7.pdf
Eleanor Fort Dream Corps Green For All Boston Massachusetts
Please see Green For All's attached public comment in response to the Draft TCI-P Model Rule and Update on Public Engagement Planning documents. Thank you for your consideration.
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GFA Model Rule and Update on Public Engagement Planning Comment Letter 4_13_21 (1).pdf
Sean Flynn Flynn's Truck Plaza Shrewsbury Massachusetts
Please see the attached for our comments on Massachusetts and the TCIP
kevin weeks Trucking Assn of Massachusetts Boston Massachusetts
Please accept our comments in the attached document. Thank you.
TCI P working document.pdf
Tony Rogers Pelham MA Energy Committee Pelham Massachusetts
Please understand that I offer my comments in the spirit of someone who really wants the TCI-P to be successful and to make a big difference in our climate emissions. We need it to be successful!...
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Brian Moran New England Convenience Store & Energy Marketers Association Stoughton Massachusetts
New England Convenience Store & Energy Marketers Association
NECSEMA Comments TCI Model Rule 5-07-21 (FNL).pdf
Staci Rubin Conservation Law Foundation Boston Massachusetts
Please see the attached comments of Conservation Law Foundation regarding the Draft Model Rule and Public Engagement.
Comments on TCI Model Rule, Public Engagement Planning 5.7.21.pdf
Sofia Owen Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) Boston Massachusetts
Please see attached for comments from the Climate Justice Alliance.
CJA NE comments on TCI model rule 4_21.pdf
Russell Donnelly HPS Framingham Massachusetts
I have just read that Conn. seems to be leaving the TCI process too.It seems that they are afraid that adding $.05-$.06 to the price of gas will be just too much .According to Wood Mackenzie and...
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Margaretha Eckhardt Retired Waltham Massachusetts
Attractive, convenient public transportation is needed throughout the Boston area, which requires increased frequency and additional train and bus lines. I believe SMART growth principles can...
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Thomas Matuszko Berkshire Regional Planning Commission Pittsfield Massachusetts
Attached is BRPCs comment letter on the Model Implementation Plan, Framework for Public Engagement and Strategies for Regional Collaboration. Our concerns relate to rural areas being specifically...
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TCI_P MIP Comment Letter v2 signed.pdf
Staci Rubin Conservation Law Foundation Boston Massachusetts
Please see the attached letter from Conservation Law Foundation.
Comments on TCI Model Public Engagement 8.21.pdf
Jordan Stutt Acadia Center Boston Massachusetts
Please see the attached letter from members of Our Transportation Future and additional partners.
OTF Joint Comments on TCI-P Public Engagement, MIP and Regional Collaboration.pdf
Kent A Bourgault republican Fitchburg Massachusetts
I would like to submit my disapproval for the Commonwealth of Massachusett's participation in the TCI.
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Paul Verchinski Zero Emissions Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (MD), member representing the Public Columbia Maryland
I am copying what you are proposing to do. You call yourselves The Metropolitan Group. Well there is a Federally mandated planning group established in all the metropolitan areas of the US that...
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Leslie Bellas Citizen Oakland Maryland
Please see the attached comment letter.
FINAL Comments on TCI-P_LB.pdf
Scott Wilson EV Driver Silver Spring Maryland
TCI is not a tax on gasoline and diesel. TCI is a more accurate accounting of the true cost of gasoline and diesel. It is an elimination of the free-ride subsidy gasoline and diesel have enjoyed...
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