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This page shows public input on the TCI-P development and implementation process received through the online TCI-P Public Input Portal. You can submit your input here.
For more information on how to reach out to your jurisdiction directly, see the TCI Jurisdiction Points of Contact page.
All public input on the TCI-P development and implementation process received through the online TCI-P Public Input Portal since March 1, 2021 appears on this page. You can view public input from the 2019-2020 policy development process here.
First Last Affiliation City Statesort descending Input File
Ellen Benitez MAPDA Annapolis Maryland
The proposed Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) Model Rule is unlikely to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from motor vehicles by a targeted 66 million tons a year by 2032. In fact, using...
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MAPDA Model Rule comments final .pdf
Kirk McCauley WMDA/CAR Bowie Maryland
I have uploaded comments
Comments on Proposed TCI Model Rule.pdf
Brian O'Malley On behalf of 14 signatories including the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Baltimore Maryland
Please see the attached letter signed by 14 organizations in Maryland.
Joint Comments_ TCI-P Draft Model Rule and Public Engagement - Maryland Advocates.pdf
Alison Bennett Saint Mark Presbyterian Church Potomac Maryland
I am a Presbyterian elder who cares deeply for God’s creation. A stable climate is the most fundamental determinant of health. With our pollution, we are contributing to more and earlier deaths...
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Joanne Ivancic Advanced Biofuels USA Frederick Maryland
Comments from Advanced Biofuels US

on the

Transportation & Climate Initiative (TCI)


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21 0507 TCI comments FINAL.pdf
Mark Eakin retired Silver Spring Maryland
Transportation is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the region, as well as dangerous particulates that cause health problems like asthma. Particulate emissions especially impact...
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Scott Wilson EV Driver Silver Spring Maryland
This is not a tax on gasoline and diesel! This is a more accurate accounting of the true cost of gasoline and diesel. It is an elimination of the free-ride subsidy gasoline and diesel have enjoyed...
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Ronald Kaltenbaugh EVADC Jefferson Maryland
Enacting strong and robust TCI rules is critically important. This is an important tool in needed efforts to electrify all forms of ground transportation. Our fossil fuel vehicles are killing us...
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Bob Erdman Self Potomac Maryland
The cost of climate change will be reduced by programs such as the TCI-P. The longer we wait to mitigate climate change, the more it will cost in the future.

Transportation is...
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Brian O'Malley On behalf of 13 signatories including the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Baltimore Maryland
Joint Comments: TCI-P Draft Policy Statements

August 13, 2021

To: TCI Leadership Team: Kathleen Theoharides, Secretary, Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and...
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Joint Comments_TCI-P draft Policy Statements_Aug 13 2021.pdf
Ellen Valentino Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Assn. Annapolis Maryland
See enclosed document
Comments on TCI Aug 2021.pdf
Brian O'Malley On behalf of 17 signatories including the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance Baltimore Maryland
Please accept this updated version of the letter we originally submitted on August 13, 2021. It includes an added section titled “Promoting Local Economic Opportunity and Creating High Quality...
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Updated Joint Comments_TCI-P draft Policy Statements_Aug 18 2021.pdf
Raymond Daskoski Republican/conservative Chelsea Maine
It's just another way/excuse to get money that can be spent recklessly. The Last thing Americans need is to have more or high taxes, this especially includes new taxes

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Dan Bowerson Alliance for Automotive Innovation Southfield Michigan
Please find attached supportive comments for the TCI-P Model Rule from the Alliance for Automotive Innovation.
Auto Innovators Comments_TCI-P Model Rule_200507.pdf
Juan Briceno Benchmark Renewable Energy Wilkesboro North Carolina
Dear sir:

We want to know the impact of low carbon renewable ethanol produced in the southeast may have in the TCI P.

1. Will there be an incentive per gallon for low carbon index...
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Will Scott NC Conservation Network Raleigh North Carolina
See attached our comments on the Model Rule.
2021.4.14 NC Conservation Network TCI_Model_Rule_Comments.docx
Maple Osterbrink TEVANC & NCWARN Chapel Hill North Carolina
We need (TCI-P Model) Rules for climate crisis action, repair EJ communities' harms done (some energy & health effects reparations). Also electric (NOT toward more vehicle methane)...
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Elizabeth Cerceo Cooper Hospital Cherry Hill New Jersey
As a physician, it is critically important that we make rapid changes in our infrastructure in favor of a carbon neutral future. The toll on our residents particularly the poor and disenfranchised...
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JAMES STEVENS private citizen HENDERSON Nevada
I do not supoport this initiative that puts America's economic needs at risk while other nations are given a waiver because they claim some "developing" status. If we are going to...
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Thomas Modzelewski Citizen New York New York
Please see attached Comment Letter
TCI-P Comment Letter Submission_TJM.pdf