Public Workshop: Low-Carbon Transportation Investments, Strategies, and Outcomes

July 30, 2019  •  9 am to 4 pm  •  University of Maryland  •  Baltimore, MD

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Event overview

On Tuesday, July 30, more than 300 community members, transportation, environmental and social justice advocates, business and industry representatives, and state and local officials participated in the Transportation & Climate Initiative workshop on Low-Carbon Transportation Investments, Strategies, and Outcomes in Baltimore, Maryland. At the workshop and through an online livestream, attendees discussed the investments and policies necessary for a cleaner and more equitable transportation system.

The July 30 workshop in Baltimore was the third regional public workshop hosted by TCI states this year, following previous workshops on program design and on equity and environmental justice. Throughout the workshop, community members, state officials, academic researchers, and industry officials weighed in on important considerations in developing a transportation policy that meets the needs of diverse communities.

Through panel presentations, question-and-answer exchanges, and an afternoon breakout session, TCI state officials and community members discussed how clean transportation investments could improve air quality for overburdened communities, create jobs and economic growth, reduce traffic congestion, and increase access to affordable transportation options. This included a discussion of community needs, including reducing air pollution near major ports and shipping routes, investing in low-carbon transportation systems that address environmental injustices, and improving public health through reducing pollution and expanding access to health services. Participants also discussed the potential benefits of investments in expanded public transit services, incentives for cleaner vehicles, and ensuring that transportation options like walking, biking, and public transit are accessible, affordable, and safe. 

TCI states will review the input shared at the workshop, including from breakout group discussions, to inform the low-carbon transportation policy proposal. TCI states are continuing active community engagement through statewide outreach events through the summer and fall to gather input from all the communities and stakeholders.

View the July 30 event agenda 

Livestream recordings 

This event was livestreamed. Closed-captioned recordings are below.

Part 1/3: 

  • Welcoming Remarks and Introduction
  • Panel: Update from Transportation & Climate Initiative State Officials
  • Featured Speaker Veronica Eady: California's Experience with Low-Carbon Investments and Equity

Part 2/3:

  • Panel: Identifying and Addressing Community Needs and Assessing Progress

Part 3/3:

  • Facilitated Group Discussion
  • Panel: The Role of Investments and Complementary Strategies on the Road to a Low-Carbon Transportation Future
  • Report Out and Next Steps
  • Conclusions and Closing Remarks


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