Georgetown Climate Center Report Identifies Funding Options for State Plug-In Electric Vehicle Programs

The Georgetown Climate Center has released a report that identifies options for states to fund plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) programs and highlights ways that states across the U.S. are supporting PEVs.
PEVs have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance our nation’s energy security, and save drivers money over the lifetime of the vehicle. To capture these benefits and meet greenhouse gas reduction goals, states are launching ambitious policies and programs that will address barriers to deployment and increase PEV sales. While some of these programs can be implemented at low cost, others require significant financial investment. At a time when resources are scarce, states have found creative ways to fund their PEV programs and support the early market. The Georgetown Climate Center report, “Finding the Funds: Options for State Plug-In Electric Vehicle Programs,” provides an overview of the types of PEV programs that states are implementing and examines funding sources that support these programs. 
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