Policy Matters

States across the TCI region are actively considering policy approaches and taking action to integrate more sustainable practices in their communities.

State-Level Programs and Policies Supporting Sustainable Communities 

An analysis produced by the Georgetown Climate Center about state-level programs and policies supporting sustainable communities examines what's being done to achieve sustainable communities outcomes, how their legal frameworks govern land use and transportation policies, and discusses notable programs or policies from a sustainable communities perspective.
The report also suggests potential program types for states to consider and opportunities for interstate regional cooperation through TCI. Click here to access the report.

Transportation Resilience Case Studies

A series of case studies produced by the Georgetown Climate Center detail how officials at all levels of government are preparing transportation infrastructure for climate change impacts. The case studies were developed under a cooperative agreement with the Federal Highway Administration to highlight the most innovative approaches being adopted around the country for considering climate change at all stages of transportation decision-making: planning, design, construction, and operations and maintenance.